Enhanced Patient Screening

Each patient goes through a complete screening at every appointment to complete the following:

  • Contact tracing at each appointment
  • Contact-less temperature measurement
  • Review of medical history and updates to medical changes

H13 Air Purifier

We have installed medical grade H13 Air Purifiers (stronger than HEPA) in each operatory

  • Medical Grade Filters
  • Filter the air in each operatory every 15 minutes!
  • Use 3 levels of filtration with 2 sets of filters
  • Remove any particles including viruses as small as 0.1 microns
  • Help recycle the air continiously
Medical Grade Filtration H13 True HEPA 99.97%


All personnel in the office will be wearing N95 and/or Level 3 masks. Personnel will also be wearing faceshields and goggles to limit any potential spread.


Our already strict sterilization protocols have been emphasized and we are doubling sterilization routines and times allowing more time for sterilization products to remain on surfaces thereby assuring the killing of unwanted particles. We have and will always continue to use medical grade sterilization equipment including for disposables, surface wipes, and instrument sterilization and autoclaves.


We are increasing the use of special high volume intra-oral evacuator that limits the aerosols that are dispersed in the air for high risk individuals. These evacuators are used in the oral cavity during treatment and suction aerosols and debris from within the oral cavity. This equipment is in addition to the traditional suction typically used. If you are not high risk and would still like to use this, please let one of our staff know.