Consider these statements recently made from the American Dental Association (ADA):

Tooth bleaching is one of the most conservative and cost-effective dental treatments to improve or enhance a person’s smile. Tooth bleaching is best performed under professional supervision and following a pre-treatment dental examination and diagnosis. In consultation with the patient, the most appropriate bleaching treatment option(s) may be selected and recommended based on the patient’s lifestyle, financial considerations, and oral health. Patients considering OTC products should have a dental examination, and should be reminded that they may unknowingly purchase products that may have little or no beneficial effect on the color of their teeth and may also have the potential to cause harm.

In-Office Whitening!

In- Office whitening uses medical strength gel and a professional light that can help whitening teeth faster. The process take between 1-2 hours where your teeth will be exposed to our high strength gel for 1-4 rounds. The gel will sit and gently penetrate the outer surface of your tooth and begin whitening from the inside out. For this reason, the gel will continue to work long after your appointment is finished and you will continue to see your teeth whiten even while you’re not in the whitening chair!

At Home Whitening!

At Home whitening is often used for maintenance after In-Office Whitening procedure. A custom tray is fabricated just for you and specific whitening gel will be placed inside the tray and worn for 1-2 hours. This can be done for several days, once a week, or at an interval that best suits your needs and whitening goals.

Permanent Whitening!

Permanent whitening is possible using dental restorative material such as veneers or crowns. These materials will cover and mask the underlying teeth and can permanently whiten your teeth! The restorations (veneers/crowns) are color-safe meaning they will never darken or stain. They can also instantly change the shape of teeth if necessary. This is a very versatile option and is great for those individuals who are looking for a permanent long-term solution to a whiter brighter smile.

At SDDS, Dr. Safaei can personally consider your case and help determine which teeth whitening treatment is most appropriate for you. Call SDDS Dental at (661) 831-0800 for your whitening consultation.

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