FREE Wisdom Teeth
Consultation and X-Ray

Wisdom teeth are often the cause for concern and the sooner they are properly diagnosed and treated, the better the outcome. Due to their poor eruption patterns and awkward orientations, they often cause problems including but not limited to cysts, cavities on wisdom teeth and adjacent teeth, gum irritation and infection, pain, and sometimes even tumors.

When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Extracted?

Although they can be extracted at any age, it is recommended that wisdom teeth be extracted at a younger age to make the procedure more tolerable and help with post-op healing. In addition, getting the teeth extracted at a younger age minimizes the complications that can arise.

It is best to extract wisdom teeth before they begin to cause issues. This is why a consultation is paramount in identifying whether your wisdom teeth are at the correct stage to be extracted. Performing these extractions before they cause issues, gives you control over when the treatment is completed at your discretion of time, finances, and post-op recovery.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our office offers a flat fee wisdom teeth extraction pricing to minimize confusion over the type of extraction you may need. We feel that if the teeth need to be extracted, then there is no point in mulling over the bone coverage over the tooth, and so we offer a simple pricing model to allow our patients to simply get the treatment they need.

Flat fee includes consultation and necessary x-rays.