About Cleanings

A dental cleaning is one the most beneficial treatments available. Cleanings provide maintenance for your teeth, gums, AND bone. Your regular 6 month appointments are critical to keeping you oral hygiene at the best condition it can be.

The type of cleaning you need depends on the progress of your periodontal disease. If you have optimal hygiene you will probably only need a regular cleaning. However if your gums bleed or you have any gum problems, your gums may need to have a deep cleaning. The type of cleaning you need will be discussed with you at your appointment after Dr. Safaei reviews your x-rays and performs a thorough exam.

The X-Rays are a critical part of your diagnosis and help determine what type of cleaning you will need. The X-Rays show the level of bone in each area of your mouth and provide valuable information.

For more information about cleanings please contact our office.

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