Most people will tell you that their smile is part of what makes them beautiful. Truth of the matter is that as human beings, we notice a beautiful smile from clear across a room.

When we lose one or more teeth, it can ultimately change the way we think of ourselves and our self-esteem. So the question is, if a person loses their teeth, what is the best way to replace their missing teeth? Dentures, dental bridges or dental implants? Well for the purpose of this article we will be looking at the advantages of dental implants and how you can replace missing teeth with dental implants.

Dental implants Bakersfield, CA SDDS Dental Dr. Navid Safaei
dental implant illustration

Implants are the most natural replacement option for missing teeth. This is because the system copies nature’s own development. An implant uses an artificial root to hold the crown in place. The implant is permanently placed in the gums without damaging adjacent structures and then an abutment and crown are placed on the implant/artificial root.

The second advantage of implants is the ease of hygiene.  With this procedure there is nothing special that you have to do. Just take care of them as you take care of your regular teeth. Simply brush and floss regularly, like you usually do. Since implants are fixed and permanent there is no different maintenance for them. Unlike bridges where you have to thread floss under the bridge, an implant is a standalone unit that does not interfere with the rest of your teeth or dental habits. And unlike partials, it does not need to be removed. You heard right!

Another clear advantage is the success rate of dental implants. Although dependent on many factors, statistically, the success rate for this procedure is close to 100%. And the long-term prognosis has been excellent.

One of the best features of dental implants is that they work just like real teeth. They have the same ability that you would find with your other teeth including no differences in chewing and eating. No more worrying about what to eat and if they will be comfortable. They will look and function the same as your natural teeth. Implants are the closest to your own teeth as you can get.

These are just some of the advantages that people will look at when they make a choice on how to replace missing teeth. Each case is unique and an implant may not be the best for everyone. Take a look at this page and review some of the options available. A consultation with Dr. Safaei will determine whether implants are a good option for you.