The health of your body is important. When people think of taking care of their body they mostly think of their heart, lungs, kidneys and their weight. What most people don’t think about is their teeth and their dental health. Having a great dentist is just as important as having a great family doctor. Why? Well let’s take a look at several reasons.

First and foremost, have you ever had a tooth ache that just would not go away? A tooth ache means there is a problem in your tooth. Usually whenever there is a toothache, that is a strong indication that there is an infection in the tooth. Whenever a person has an infection it is never good. A tooth ache also shows that the problem is set in pretty deep. The other thing about a bad tooth ache is that the pain seems like it will never go away and simple things like eating and drinking can cause pain. If a person does not have a dentist to go to they may endure that pain for a while and they may stop eating and drinking the way they need too. If you had a family dentist that you went to see on a regular basis maybe they could have prevented the toothache and the infection.

Another important reason to see a dentist on a regular basis is because a lot of diseases show symptoms orally before they even show up to a family doctor. So even though your dentist primary responsibility is your teeth and gums they also can monitor other parts of your body and they may be able to diagnose things that could be happening to your body before your family doctor does. For example most people know smoking can cause cancer, however a dentist may notice oral cancer before the doctor does because of oral cancer screenings conducted at your regular check-ups.

An important reason to go to a dentist is to maintain your gum health. By checking your gums it can help you to keep your teeth healthy. If left unchecked gum disease could lead to tooth loss but if your dentist checks your gums on a regular basis he can try to catch it and prevent it from occurring.

How wonderful is it to see someone with a beautiful smile? Well the reason most people have beautiful smiles is because they went to their dentist on a regular basis and had their teeth cleaned. Not only that but people also go to their dentist about braces if needed, porcelain veneers, and even custom whitening trays. These are all cosmetic changes that your dentist can work on for.

Most people have a family doctor that they go to for routine checkups and preventive maintenance on their bodies. It is just as important to go to your dentist and have them do routine checkups and preventive maintenance on your teeth and gums.

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