Are you happy with your smile? Do you have some teeth whose color has changed, or do you possibly have chipped teeth? If you suffer from either one of these things, sometimes it’s hard for you to smile because you may have some low self-esteem. If you have any of these issues you are not alone, there are plenty of people who deal with these same issues. The good news is there are options out there.


Have you ever heard of dental veneers? They are a thin layer of material that goes over the tooth to either cover up the less then pretty tooth or damaged tooth.

Another great thing about these veneers is that they can be used for one tooth or multiple teeth, almost giving you a look of a movie star. The way that they are applied is that they are bonded to the teeth using a technique that Dr. Safaei is trained in. They can last many years.

The very first step is to meet with Dr. Safaei. At this meeting we will discuss your goals with a cosmetic consultation. At that point we will examine your teeth to see if you are a good candidate for veneers.

What are the advantages that you can gain from getting veneers? Well for one, when it is completed, people cannot tell that it’s not your teeth because it will look natural. If you have some discolored teeth the veneer can give your teeth a whiter look. They also handle stains well as the veneers will not stain over time.

In all essence dental veneers also called porcelain veneers are wonderful because not only do they protect your damaged teeth but it also make your smile much more beautiful. Smiles can affect your image and your self-esteem. A lot of people do not realize that a when a person has discolored teeth they do not want to smile. This is something that we can change.

Veneers can be invaluable and a lot less extensive then doing crowns. Remember if you have some teeth that you are not happy with, call our office for a complimentary cosmetic/veneer consultation. It could be the appointment that changes your smile!