Are you a person who is missing a tooth or two or more? Sometimes that can affect people’s self-esteem because they may not want to smile or even talk for fear of people noticing their teeth being gone. No matter the reason why you have lost your teeth, whether it’s an injury, gum disease or severe decay…the good news is that there is a solution called dental implants.

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. That’s all they are. Now what is key about them is that they are molded into your jaw for maximum strength and long term success. When a person loses a tooth they may change their eating habits and sometimes change their diet. By adding the implants it stops bone loss and by replacing the natural roots that were originally there. SERIOUSLY!
Dental implants Bakersfield, CA

Now if you are thinking about getting implants then there is some things you need to be aware of. First and foremost, your gums must be strong enough to support them. You also need enough bone to be able to support them. Of course our office will check this during one of our free implant consultation.

You may be wondering what kind of advantages and benefits will I get from doing this procedure? Well first and foremost you will have a beautiful smile, because they look like your teeth. Another benefit is a raise in your self-esteem because you will not be worried about what people think of your teeth any more. Implants are also an excellent long term restoration, and they are comfortable in your mouth. You do not have to take them out of your mouth like dentures and they are more comfortable than any removable appliance. You can treat them like you own teeth. So remember…even if you’ve lost some teeth, we can make you smile again!